Recruiting/ Temporary Staffing

In general, hiring in India is direct-hire (full-time employee / contract employee). However, regarding general business affairs, hiring in the form of temporary staffing is also available depending on the contents of the business itself.
Very knowledgeable in on-site hiring, our consultants fully recognize your human resource needs and conditions of employment and provide you with the best human resources while offering advice on comprehensive hiring.

Representative Hiring

We will dispatch our employees to your office anywhere in India for a certain period of time to carry out the recruiting process for you 「recruiting ⇒ first stage interview ⇒ second stage interview」.
We carry out focused, nation-wide recruiting across India and acquire talented human resources effectively within a set time period.
If you have already hired an HR representative we will work together with him/her while selecting, interviewing, and presenting candidates from an objective point of view.

Representative Wage Calculation

Based on the information we have received from your head office, we perform wage calculation for you, eliminating the time and effort required of the local office. Matters will be carried out smoothly without delay.


We also provide advice for the creation of personnel regulations and the planning and management of recruiting seminars. Please contact us if you are interested.

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