Steps for Job Seekers
Indian and MNC companies working in India need you!
Brainpool Consultants recruiting experts will provide you with a position that will allow you to maximize your career.

Step-1 Registration

In order to begin your job search, please register a free account with us and fill out an online profile which we will then enter into our database. Once you have completed this registration, a Brainpool Consultants representative will be in touch with you within 2-7 working days.

Step-2 Counseling

We then proceed to a one on one consultation session with an experienced Pasona consultant. During this session we try to get a better understanding of your personality, experiences, qualifications, and job hunting schedule.

Step-3 Receive Information on Prospective Job Offer

Once we have assessed your experiences and qualifications and taken into account your preferences, we will introduce you to possible employment opportunities which might fit your criteria.

Step-4 Job Application

It would be up to you whether you wish to apply or not to any of the opporutnities introduced by us. Once you have decided to apply to a specific position, we will proceed to send your information and resume to the prospective employer.

Step-5 Screening and Interview

Prior to your interview, we will also help you prepare and polish up your resume in order to make it as presentable as possible. Once you have been asked to come in for a formal interview, we act as the mediator in setting up a mutually acceptable time for both you and the company. Before your interview, we will provide you with personalized advice and consultation so that even first-time applicants can rest at ease.

Step-6 Successful Employment

Upon receiving a formal offer from a company, Brainpool Consultant will assist you in negotiating your starting date, salary, and other conditions.

Step-7 Post-Employment Support

Should you require any assistance or advice regarding your position, even after you have started working, Brainpool Consultants is there to support you. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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